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Whatever happened to Apple versus FBI?

SC Media throws it back to February 2016 when Apple and the FBI squared off for a contest that never happened. The immediate issue was temporarily resolved, but the controversy never died. Teri Robinson reports.
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Top to bottom assurance

A company usually takes its cues from leaders at the top: What the top executives emphasize will become the organization's imperatives, and what they ignore will typically fall by the wayside.
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Building a better bug bounty

When Microsoft temporarily doubled its maximum bug bounty prize to $30,000 earlier this month, it was hard to not to notice the timing. After all, the software giant had just been burned twice by Google Project Zero researchers who publicly disclosed Windows vulnerabilities before they could be patched. This was not the first time Google…
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Raising information exchange

SC Magazine is providing an exclusive look at abridged versions of various chapters included in the just-released Larstan’s "The Black Book on Government Security," as part of an agreement with Larstan Publishing. This month’s excerpt will be available in an extended form on
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A five step process for achieving measurable returns on security investments

What do the president of the United States and a Fortune 1000 CIO have in common? For starters, both are responsible for mitigating immense security threats, maintaining budgets and justifying expenditures to governing committees for approval. They are also accountable for the failure or success of security in their respective domains.
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