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Put the Plug on those Productivity Drains and Turn On the Taps of Efficiency

While companies understand that they need to protect themselves and their employees against content security threats (such as the circulation of inappropriate material, litigation, spam, loss or corruption of data, viruses and malicious code), they also need to consider how email and web security can boost productivity.

Fast growing threats

If you think what you don't know won't hurt you, then you probably shouldn't be running a website. With literally hundreds of hidden security-related vulnerabilities showing up in web applications weekly, it's not really a matter of if but when someone finds an unknown flaw in your site and exploits it.

Guarding the exit

When Verdasys co-founder and CEO Seth Birnbaum was heading up engineering at NeoGenesis Pharmaceuticals, three employees thought they had a foolproof plan to steal drug formula secrets in hopes of forming their own company. "We wouldn't have known anything about it if they didn't order CD-ROMs through our IT purchasing department on the same day," he recalls of the incident, which happened about four years ago. "That's the only reason we interdicted that. We had never even thought this kind of thing could happen."
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Web-blindness: Why Website Security Needs Our Attention

Security professionals spend a lot of time thinking about protecting their back end systems and the information contained therein. They think about the scariest and sneakiest vulnerabilities and what an exploit means in real terms: will this disrupt business operations? Will our company lose sensitive data? Will I be fired?

Insider Top 10 in 2018
InfoSec Insider

2019 Cybersecurity Threat Trends: What Should Be on Your Radar

InfoSec Insider caught up with one SME that helped us put together a list of the looming threats your company should keep an eye on and how organizations can defend themselves accordingly. Here's a look at what you should have on your radar.

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Buyer beware, risk ahead

Considering a company’s cybersecurity posture should be partof M&A due diligence, but often it isn’t. Doug Olenick explainswhy that must change. Most home buyers wouldn’t think of paying top dollar for a house, no matter how beautifully designed without considering whether it sits in a crime-ridden neighborhood. Yet, venture capitalists and corporate boards, with all…
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Automate your mobile application security without the staff

Mobile devices have overtaken desktop devices as the leading means to access applications and the internet. The growing demand for mobile apps creates a need for developers to improve their processes and release new features at an unprecedented rate to stay ahead of the competition. Consequently, the development community embraces newer processes such as Agile…
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