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With internal attacks on systems becoming ever more frequent, and the necessity for data accuracy increasing under corporate compliance legislation, I decided it was time to examine whether centralized user provisioning could secure information cost-effectively.
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Twitter hack is a reminder of the dangers of unfettered employee access

Twitter’s acknowledgement that a “coordinated social engineering campaign” involving multiple employees was behind a hack of prominent verified accounts raises significant questions as to whether business organizations are implementing effective security controls that limit potential insider threats’ access to back-end administrative tools. The hacking incident — which promoted a cryptocurrency scam and victimized the accounts…

Do smart cities come at the cost of data privacy?

The smart city movement has grown in the last 10 years as a direct result of the world’s increasing urbanization. Indeed, by 2050 more than two-thirds of the earth’s population will live in urban areas. This flow of people into urban areas created denser cities, with increased demands on city services – everything from emergency…
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Thinking outside the inbox

The ubiquitous application is the attackers’ universal vulnerability Over the past two decades, email has rapidly and firmly edged its way into becoming the most popular, most accepted and most basic means for business communication. That is both good news and bad. Sure, social media has had a growing impact over the years. Marketing managers…
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Data Games: Phishing as an Endless Quest for Exploitable Data

By Stu Sjouwerman, CEO, KnowBe4 As we have noted in a number of previous posts, the bad guys tend to do the majority of their innovation, for lack of a better term, around the payloads delivered by phishing attacks as opposed to the social engineering schemes used to bamboozle unwitting email recipients into triggering those…
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Charity charge: Case study

Even human service agencies are targets for cyber intruders, so Goodwill Industries installed a defensive solution, reports Greg Masters.
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Sean Melia, aka ‘Meals,’ takes a big bite out of bug bounties

You’ll have to forgive Sean Melia for being only the number-two-ranked researcher in the 100,000-member HackerOne bug bounty community. After all, he splits his time between hunting for vulnerabilities and performing his day job as a senior security engineer and pentester for Gotham Digital Science. Melia, a 26-year-old resident of North Carolina, has reported over…
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