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Ex-hacker: The unspoken, dirty little secret

I rarely make a bet, but if you asked me whether I'd wager some money on the likelihood of an organisation employing a hacker to assess their security risk, I'd almost certainly accept on the basis that they would not.
InfoSec Insider

The Trouble with Identity

Identity is who we are. It’s what we do and how we do it. In the digital realm, our identities are part of what affords access to the systems, tools, accounts, and functionality that make it possible to perform job responsibilities and effectively contribute to the organizations for which we work.

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Top to bottom assurance

A company usually takes its cues from leaders at the top: What the top executives emphasize will become the organization's imperatives, and what they ignore will typically fall by the wayside.
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CEO fraud: It’s human nature

It starts out innocuously enough when an important-looking email comes in to a company employee. The sender’s email address is that of the company’s CEO, claiming that a payment needs to be made to a client or vendor immediately. The email, which contains some sense of urgency, tells the employee to wire transfer an amount…
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Manipulating human nature

Breaking bad and good habits Understanding social engineering is the first step to overcoming it. Danny Bradbury reports Complicated malware infections and cross-site scripting attacks are great techniques to compromise a company, but why use them when you can whisper in someone’s ear instead? Some of the most successful attacks involve nothing more than a phone, some self-confidence, and…
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The picture of threat intelligence

The long-acknowledged core problem with threat intelligence today is the software equivalent of a Yin and Yang situation. The algorithms are smart enough to catch a massive number of log anomalies, detecting any pattern deviation that might indicate an attack attempt. That said, they are not yet smart enough to identify accurately the real threats…
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