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2019 Cybersecurity Predictions: Artificial Intelligence

WatchGuard Threat Lab research team AI-driven chatbots go rogue In 2019, cyber criminals and black hat hackers will create malicious chatbots on legitimate sites to socially engineer unknowing victims into clicking malicious links, downloading files containing malware, or sharing private information. Candace Worley, Chief Technical Strategist, McAfee There are myriad decisions that must be made…
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UK official: Backdoor needed into WhatsApp

Following the terror attack on Parliament last week, home secretary Amber Rudd has suggested law enforcement must be able to listen in to WhatsApp conversations, as British-born Khalid Masood, who carried out the attack, is said to have used WhatsApp moments before murdering pedestrians with his car, and stabbing an unarmed police officer to death.…

Ransomware Resurrected

As Stephen King once put it, “Sometimes they come back.”  Like a dormant volcano that may suddenly awaken at any moment, ransomware programs are an unpredictable lot. They may lay low for a while, or fall out of favor. But then they reemerge, often with new tricks up their sleeve. Indeed, ransomwares never truly die…
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Whew! Did all that just happen?

Looking back and forward, the view’s very nearly the same. Threats, threats and more threats. Teri Robinson reports. Out with the old. In with the new. That’s the way the New Year works, right? Except in cybersecurity. The old threats never really go away as the devastating WannaCry, a new twist on an old bug,…
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