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Facebook sues surveillance tool provider and hosts of hacking websites

Facebook this week filed a lawsuit against a reputed spyware provider that allegedly exploited a WhatsApp vulnerability to enable smartphone hacking, and also pursued legal action against the domain hosts of multiple websites that allegedly offer tools for hacking the social network. On Tuesday, Facebook and its encrypted messaging subsidiary WhatApp filed a complaint against…
botnet main

New IoT bot Persirai ensnaring IP cameras

Apparently emanating from Iran, Persirai has been detected by researchers at Trend Micro linking more than 1,000 internet protocol (IP) camera models into a vast Internet of Things (IoT) botnet.
InfoSec Insider

Bridging the Gap between Enterprise Information Security and the Business

Information security and the business need to be in a partnership, not a dictatorship with one party demanding the other follow certain rules and guidelines. Through a true partnership, information security risks can be mitigated and business disruptions limited, thereby creating an improved relationship and organizational efficacy. 

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