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OurMine hackers intercept NFL teams’ social media accounts

Over a dozen NFL teams may want to consider hiring a cyber defensive coordinator after their Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts were reportedly hijacked and defaced on Sunday and Monday by the mischievous OurMine hacker group, which has emerged from hibernation. According to multiple news sources, the hackers compromised the NFL’s league Twitter and Facebook…

Centrify Suite 2011

The Centrify Suite provides administrators a way to integrate UNIX, Linux and Mac OS X users into the already existing Active Directory structure for seamless user and policy management across the enterprise.

Ensim Unify Enterprise Edition

Unify from Ensim provides a full-scale user provisioning and account management platform that can plug into several user platforms throughout the enterprise for easy centralized management.

Fischer Identity

Fischer Identity is an all-in-one user account provisioning and management tool that can plug into almost any authentication platform throughout the enterprise.

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