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Safe car

Critical vulnerability patched in Schneider Electric car charging stations

Schneider Electric is warning users of multiple vulnerabilities in the EVLink Parking product including a “critical” vulnerability. The critical vulnerability is caused by hard-coded credentials that allows an attacker to gain access to the device, according to a Dec. 20 security notification issued by the firm. Schneider Electric also patched a “High” rated code Injection vulnerability which…

Altiris Patch Management Suite

This is part of Altiris’s Client Management Suite and Server Management Suite. Both suites also provide OS deployment, hardware and software inventories, and software license compliance. However, it can be installed by itself.

Red Hat Network

This product is part of Red Hat’s Enterprise Linux offerings, so for the test we decided to install all the discs. We were a bit concerned over how it would fare, as our normal experiences of updating Linux involve clicking on the exclamation mark in the bottom corner of the screen and launching Up2date, Red Hat’s auto-updater. If you have updated Windows, you will have a good idea how this works.

Client Migration 3.01

Migrating users to new versions of applications or operating systems can be a complex, time-consuming and tedious process for systems administrators. And, from a security perspective, it is crucial that the migration of end-users and application settings is done properly in order to prevent vulnerabilities from creeping in.

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