Vendor Good Technology 

Flagship product Good Work 

Cost Suites start at $3 per user per month, up to $15/user/month.

Innovation They built a security policy model around the philosophy that the framework carries everything with it in a way that users can extend to every user/device without having to own/control it. 

Greatest strength Their view of the challenges of the virtual perimeter and their ability to address it in a manner that is technologically sound, scalable and deployable.

Good Technology

We have been watching Good Technology for a while now. They started with a different approach than we see typically: assume that every end-user on the planet will have a mobile device and most of them won't be your employees. If you as a CIO, CSO or CMO and want to reach users in your extended infrastructure and you base your approach to security on the traditional mindset, some will work some of the time and none will work all the time. Many organizations, for example, will never have full control of their devices. So the uniqueness of Good Technology's approach is that the framework carries everything with it in a way that you can extend to every user/device without having to own/control it. We found that quite interesting and very sensible given the notion of the virtual perimeter.

Their innovation is that they built a security policy model around that philosophy. Good Technology's system was purpose-built. They found that their predictions of years ago are coming true. Because they have this approach, when they set up to build their platform they had the vision that it had to be portable to anything. They now have their system running on many more types of devices than just iOS, Android, and the other usual suspects. Good Technology bases its strategy on the prediction that eventually everything is going to be connected and consumers are going to want to connect. So no matter what becomes the popular platforms, Good Technology wants to be able to participate. That means that beyond the typical mobile devices they are looking at laptops and other non-common devices. Nothing that Good Technology does limits them to the traditional mobile devices. What is more important is that the devices connected, not just mobile.

Additionally, Good Technology is working toward not doing all of the application development themselves and have enabled other developers to provide feedback and develop even newer innovations. They have developed a very large ecosystem. However, that gives potential for security issues (particularly for third parties). The way they manage that is if you are a third party wanting to bring a product into the ecosystem there is a security vetting process using a neutral third party for security testing. Nothing is onboarded, including their own apps, unless it goes through the security vetting. They also have the Good Technology catalog, an application that gives the customer control over what Good Technology applications their users can access. If the app has the “G-Lock” logo that means it has been vetted.