2:00 PM

Cloud security: Making your managed detection and response effective

On-Demand Webcast|1 Hour

Your data is now in the cloud. Do you know for absolute certain that the only people accessing this data are authorized to do so? There is often confusion amongst non-security staff and management about what responsibility you as the company has to manage and detect threats on the cloud and what is the responsibility of the service provider. Considering that companies do not have physical access to cloud-based servers, CISOs need to make sure they have the capability to do threat hunting on their cloud assets and that their service providers also are doing their share of the work to ensure your data is protected.

This 20/20 looks at how managed network detection and response can help ensure that only authorized users are accessing your data and that potential breaches are identified quickly and managed immediately.

We'll be discussing:

  • What are some of the new issues CISOs are facing with this new work-from-home environment? 
  • How does this change the way they protect their cloud-based data and what are some options they have to employ perhaps different technologies to assist them?
  • What can companies do to ensure that their cloud-based data is secure on public clouds?
  • Do CISOs need to backfill their vetting of whatever cloud service they selected earlier this year to meet the immediate need to move to a remote user workforce or should they simply go from here to try and implement MDR based on what they perhaps already had been using? 
Stephen Lawton