Archived: The marauders within

On-Demand Webcast|0.5 Hour

Threats don’t come only from external sources; data exposure events caused by insiders can often be more destructive. Malicious insider attacks unquestionably have a damaging impact on organizations, but non-malicious insider incidents occur every day – when users with legitimate access are involved in unintentional data loss or exposure – and can cause just as much damage. The challenge of insider risk has grown with the rapid shift to remote work, because of the pandemic and the accelerated adoption of sanctioned and unsanctioned collaboration tools.

In this webcast, Code42 CTO Rob Juncker will talk about:

• the likelihood and impact of data exposure or exfiltration as a natural result of how employees work and

• why security pros must shift their mindset from focusing only on intentional acts by malicious users to addressing the more broadly created risks caused by employees simply doing their jobs.

Attendees of this webcast may be eligible for half a CPE credit.


Rob Juncker

Chief Technology Officer



Stephen Lawton

Special Projects Editorial Director

SC Media