Container security, DevOps, Cloud Security, Firewall

Delivering on the Promise of Application Security in the Cloud

May 10, 2021
  • Custom Code (i.e., static and dynamic analysis)
  • Open Source/Third Party Code (i.e., software composition analysis)
  • Orchestration/Containers (i.e., endpoint security, Kubernetes security, and container security)
  • Cloud Infrastructure (i.e., infrastructure as code, cloud workload protection, and cloud security posture management).
  • Orchestration/Containers (i.e., container security and serverless)
  • Application Programming Interfaces (i.e., web application firewalls and API security)
  • Visibility, Compliance, and Governance
  • Threat Detection
  • Data Security
  • Host Security
  • Container Security
  • Serverless Security
  • Web Application and API
  • Identity-Based Microsegmentation
  • Identity and Access Management Security
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