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Don’t risk it: security success starts with controlling privileged access

Historically, privileged access management has focused on protecting  systems administrators and the powerful accounts used to manage critical infrastructure. Today, with the expanding adoption of cloud, DevOps, robotic process automation (RPA) and IoT – more privileged users, accounts and credentials are created every day.   Instead of only IT admins handling privileged access on network…

Amid high-profile outages, automated certificate management offers a solution

High-profile outages caused by expired digital identity certificates have dominated the headlines of late, as widely-used platforms have suffered serious disruptions. Although the industry commonly uses the term certificate outage, the term fails to accurately describe what actually happens: the failure lies not with certificates themselves, but instead stems from an organization’s failure to properly…

What nature can teach us about improving security

For industry to build the best and most secure solutions amid the complex dynamics that exist in cyber, we must all think beyond algorithms, processors and tech and draw inspiration from the world around us. And there’s no better example of a complex, adaptive system than nature itself.

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