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Words of advice for President Biden’s new CISO

Today’s columnist, Steve Durbin of the Information Security Forum, offers advice to Chris DeRusha, the new federal CISO. Durbin says the Biden administration has a great opportunity to work with the broader security community towards fostering security awareness and the need to protect data privacy.

How security teams can prevent a 47-day patching handicap

While Apple gets headlines for discovering zero-days, today’s columnist, Ed Bellis of Kenna Security, says true zero-days are rare. Bellis says the vast majority of vulnerabilities are patched before CVE publication. However, in the rare case when exploits predate the availability of a patch, attackers get a 47-day head start – and that’s something security teams need to focus on.

A special note for data privacy day

Today’s columnist, Sam Curry of Cybereason, says we have grown desensitized by the flurry of breaches and the reality that most of us have had our identities stolen. Curry asks that we take privacy more seriously and think about the world we are leaving our children.

Think of remote access as a business continuity issue

FBI Director Christopher Wray speaks at an event in Washington, D.C. Security pros knew that attacks on VPNs had become serious when the FBI and CISA issued a warning last fall. Today’s columnist, Dor Knafo of Axis Security, says companies have to think of remote access as a business continuity issue.

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