Peter Stephenson

Peter Stephenson, technology editor, SC Media

Technology Editor Peter Stephenson has worked with SC Media in some capacity for years. Indeed, his straight-talking opinions once filled our news pages in a long-standing monthly contribution that since has been taken over by a rotation of experts. In addition to overseeing SC Media's reviews and writing the "Threat Hunter" blog, Stephenson also is a researcher and author. His areas of expertise include information assurance and risk, information warfare, counter-terrorism, cyber criminology, cyber jurisprudence, and digital investigation and forensics. He has taught information assurance, network attack and defense, digital forensics and cyber investigation on both the graduate and undergraduate levels. He started his 50+ year career as a U.S. Navy cryptographer, then moved into the private sector where he operated his own information security consulting practice for some 20 years. Navigating the industry and his career with aplomb, he then became director of technology for the global security practice of Netigy Corporation and was, until July 2003, the director of technology and a research coordinator for QinetiQ Trusted Information Management, a large international information security professional and managed services company. He holds a doctorate in digital investigation and is pursuing a second PhD in law. He holds the CISSP (retired) designation from (ISC)2 and retired as a Fellow of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences. He also is former CISO of Norwich University. In short, Stephenson knows a thing or two about IT security.

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