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Locky is coming: Ransomware campaign uses Game of Thrones-themed scripting variables

A Lannister always pays his debts. And you, too, may have to pay up if you become infected with Locky ransomware, delivered in an email distribution campaign that uses Game of Thrones references in its scripting variables.

Election season spam correlates with the polls, study

A recent study on election spam found spammers use candidates with the strongest brands in their lures.

Sour notes: OurMine hackers briefly post private files from Vevo music video service

The OurMine hacking collective broke into the servers of music video hosting service Vevo and posted approximately 3.12 terabytes of stolen documents, in an unusually aggressive attack by the group.

LinkedIn Premium accounts being used in phishing scam

LinkedIn and Wells Fargo have found themselves once again at the center of a cyber issue, but this time hackers are using the business-oriented social media site to send phishing InMails posing as a Wells Fargo messages.

Return of the EMOTET Trojan, spreads via spambots

Trend Micro researchers spotted the return of the EMOTET trojan, this time spreading via Spam bots.

Major malspam campaign pushing Locky ransomware via spoofed internal email addresses

A large malspam campaign using spoofed email addresses has attempted to infect recipients with ransomware in roughly 20 million detected attacks since Tuesday, researchers from Barracuda Networks have reported.

American Pacific Mortgage files lawsuit against insurer to reclaim losses due to BEC attack

American Pacific Mortgage (APM) has filed a breach of contract suit against Aspen Specialty Insurance Company disputing the latter's decision to not cover losses incurred from a business email compromise attack.

Chinese hackers leverage HBO 'Game of Thrones' leaks to deliver trojans

A few weeks before the season finale of popular HBO series "Game of Thrones" Proofpoint researchers spotted a Chinese advance persistent threat (APT) group looking to lure fans with leaked episodes.

Lazarus Group tied to new phishing campaign targeting defense industry workers

The Lazarus Group appears to be targeting individuals associated with U.S. defense contractors, including prospective employees, with phishing emails that display fake job listings and companies' internal policies.

Google rolling out Gmail anti-phishing feature to iOS devices

Three months after introducing anti-phishing security checks in Gmail for Android products, Google has extended this feature to iOS devices as well.

IRS: Phishing scam aims to deceive accountants with fake tax software updates

The Internal Revenue Service is warning of an email-based phishing scam that impersonates tax software providers, in order to trick professional accountants into giving away their log-in credentials for these services.

Hackers will weaponize AI, survey says

Of 100 infosecurity professionals surveyed, 34 percent fingered Russia as the biggest threat to cybersecurity in the U.S., followed closely by organized crime at 33 percent, according to a Cylance blog post.

Prankster tricks Whitehouse cybersecurity advisor into thinking they're Jared Kushner

A U.K.-based email prankster managed to phish and spoof the accounts of a number of White House officials.

Hackers steal Copyfish app from developer's Google Play account

The Chrome version the app Copyfish was compromised to push out ads and spam after an employee for its developer At9t fell for a phishing scam and gave access to the company's Play Store account to an unauthorized individual.

Researchers deliberately get phished, learn that account exploitation often takes more than 24 hours

Researchers at Imperva recently set up fake online accounts and intentionally allowed themselves to be phished by scammers in order to observe how behavior cybercriminals act after they come into possession of a victim's credentials.

Scotland's government council heavily targeted by cyberattacks

Cybercriminals have been targeting Scottish government, universities and health organizations at a high rate with more than half of their local councils being hit since 2014

Newcastle University spoofed in phishing scam

While the fraudsters committed a few errors in phony site, those unfamiliar with the actual site, such as foreign exchange students might easily mistake it for real.