Planet cloud: Keys2Day Real Estate Team and InfoStreet
Planet cloud: Keys2Day Real Estate Team and InfoStreet

Secure transactions in the cloud

Using this solution, security can be broken down into three major components, InfoStreet's Thomas says.

The first piece is user-related errors, such as losing a laptop or mobile device, going to a website that contains malware, or not updating anti-virus software.

“By using our system and moving to the cloud, one eliminates this error as the user is no longer interfacing with the machine, but rather with a cloud system,” he says. “Using cloud-based applications creates a layer of protection and less IT headaches.”

The second piece is the security of data traveling to the cloud. “One can protect data transport by adding an SSL certificate to a system, which is an option for all system users,” Thomas says.

The third layer of security is data in the cloud. For that, the company offers implemented monitoring, intrusion detection and multiple other measures to protect stored information.