Application Security Weekly #214

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1. Critical Requirements for Cloud Native Application Security – Dean Agron – ASW #214

The core focus of this podcast is to provide the listeners with food for thoughts for what is required for releasing secured cloud native applications

- Continuous, Multi-layer, and Multi-service analysis and focusing not only on the code, but also on the runtime and the infrastructure.

- Focus on the vulnerabilities that matter. The critical, exploitable ones. Use Context.

- Choose the right remediation forms. It may come in different shapes

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Dean Agron
Dean Agron
CEO & Co-Founder at Oxeye

Dean is the CEO and Co-Founder of Oxeye. He is a cyber-security expert with 15 years of diverse experience and executive positions. From kernel modules development to business partnerships enablement.


Mike Shema
Mike Shema
Security Partner at Square
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