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Protecting the “Crown Jewels” – Steve Durbin – CSP #25

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1. Protecting the “Crown Jewels” – Steve Durbin – CSP #25

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Steve Durbin
Steve Durbin
Chief Executive at ISF Ltd

Steve Durbin is the Chief Executive of the Information Security Forum (ISF). His main areas of focus include strategy, information technology, cyber security and the emerging security threat landscape across both the corporate and personal environments. He is a frequent speaker and commentator on technology and security issues.

Formerly at Ernst & Young, Steve has been involved with IPOs, mergers and acquisitions of fast-growth companies across Europe and the USA. Having previously been senior vice president at Gartner, he has advised a number of NASDAQ and NYSE listed global technology companies.


Todd Fitzgerald
Todd Fitzgerald
Vice President, Cybersecurity Strategy at Cybersecurity Collaborative
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