Today’s Ransomware Economy Players – IABs, RaaS Affiliates, and now C2Ps – Jon Miller – BH23 #2

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Jon Miller
CEO & Co-Founder at Halcyon

Jon Miller is the CEO & Co-founder of Halcyon with 25+ years working in the cybersecurity industry. Prior to Halcyon, Jon was the CEO & Co-founder of Boldend, a next-generation defense contractor focused on building offensive tools for the US Government. Previous to Boldend, Jon held the title of Chief Research Officer of Cylance (now Blackberry) where he focused on malware and product efficacy. Prior to Cylance, Jon was employee number 70 at Accuvant (now Optiv) where with a group of others he helped build and lead the largest technical consultancy at the time Accuvant LABS, working with over 95% of the Fortune 500 as an offensive security expert. Before Accuvant, Jon was a ten year veteran penetration tester, serving as one of the first in the industry working for the Internet Security Systems (now IBM) X-Force.


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