Protecting The Digital Supply Chain – Yuriy Bulygin – BTS #17

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Yuriy Bulygin
Founder and CEO at Eclypsium

Dr. Yuriy Bulygin is the CEO and founder of Eclypsium, the digital supply chain security company. Prior to Eclypsium, Yuriy was Chief Threat Researcher at Intel Corporation. He is also the creator of CHIPSEC, the popular open-source firmware and hardware supply chain security assessment framework When enterprises started using CHIPSEC to find vulnerabilities, discover compromised firmware, or just poke around hardware systems, Yuriy founded Eclypsium with Alex Bazhaniuk. Since then Eclypsium has been on a mission to protect devices from supply chain risks.


Principal Security Evangelist at Eclypsium
SVP Strategy at Eclypsium