Toil! What is it good for? – Akira Brand – RSA24 #1

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Akira Brand
Owner at Akira Brand Consulting

Akira Brand has worked in the security space for the past four years, first for two years as a Developer Relations Engineer, and then two years as an Application Security Engineer. Passionate about education and Infosec, she has become a distinguished public speaker, an engaging cybersecurity podcaster with AppSec weekly, and a knowledgeable trainer. Deeply familiar with securing all stages of the SDLC, she owns and operates Akira Brand Consulting, where she works with companies to augment their AppSec engineering staff, troubleshoot existing security programs, or help companies build security from the ground up. Akira is not only a skilled technician, she is also a professional artist, gracing the stage as a classical singer with local opera companies in the Rocky Mountain Region.


Senior Vice President, Audience Content Strategy at CyberRisk Alliance