Bots are Taking Over the Internet & Defining ASPM – Idan Plotnik, Erez Hasson – ASW #287

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Idan Plotnik
Co-Founder and CEO at Apiiro

Idan is a serial entrepreneur and product strategist, bringing nearly 20 years of experience in cybersecurity to Apiiro. Previously, Idan was Director of Engineering at Microsoft following the acquisition of Aorato where he served as the founder and CEO. Prior to founding Aorato, Idan was the co-founder and CEO at Foreity – an MS security subcontractor acquired by Aman Group in 2012.

Erez Hasson
Senior Product Marketing Manager at Imperva, A Thales Company

Erez Hasson is an Application Security Specialist at Imperva. He oversees the go-to-market product strategy of Imperva Advanced Bot Protection, Imperva Account Takeover Protection, and Imperva Client-Side Protection. For nearly 10 years, Hasson has helped businesses understand how to protect their applications and websites from automated attacks and client-side threats. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Sapir Academic College in Israel.


Tech Lead at Block
Application Security Engineer at Resilia