The Impacts Of Cryptocurrency – Nicholas Weaver – PSW #829

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Nicholas Weaver
Lecturer/Researcher/Chief Mad Scientist at Davis/ICSI/Skerry Technologies

Nick Weaver is a lecturer at UC Davis, a researcher at the International Computer Science Institute, and the Chief Mad Scientist of his one-man drone startup, Skerry Technologies. He likes to think of himself as a “bang on it widda stick” system and security person, taking an interest in everything as long as the systems are digital (no noise), explainable (no AI), and commonly adversarial, because that is where the fun, interesting, and possibly (for him) solvable problems lie.


Principal Security Evangelist at Eclypsium
Executive Director at Guardedrisk
Product Security Research and Analysis Director at Finite State
Director of Offensive Security & Research at Trimarc Security, Founder & CEO at Dark Element