AI SOC Solutions, Revamp Your Cybersecurity, & Nightwing Introduction – Jon Check, Ricardo Villadiego, Jim McDonough – ESW #362

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Jon Check
Vice President Cyber Protection Solutions at Nightwing

Jon Check is the Vice President of Cyber Protection Solutions at Nightwing. He
leads the team that delivers proactive cybersecurity and next-generation technology to protect customers from persistent cybersecurity threats. Prior to this role, Jon held executive positions at Raytheon, CSRA Inc, and IBM Global Business Services. Jon is also a board member and former chairman of the National Cybersecurity Alliance, a board member of the U.S. Cyber Games, and an AFCEA DC board member. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in environmental science from the University of Virginia.

Ricardo Villadiego
Founder & CEO at Lumu Technologies

Ricardo Villadiego (RV) is a seasoned entrepreneur and visionary technology leader focused on cybersecurity. His last 20 years have been spent in the quest of solving some of the most prevalent cybersecurity challenges organizations face. RV founded Easy Solutions, a global organization focused on the prevention and detection of electronic fraud. Subsequently, RV led the cybersecurity business unit at Cyxtera Technologies, where he developed a long-term vision and execution plan. His passion for technology and cybersecurity have triggered yet another venture, and he created Lumu Technologies with a clear objective: help the world measure compromise.
Along his career, Ricardo has held various leadership positions at IBM, Internet Security Systems and Unisys Corporation. He is an Electrical Engineer, avid reader, relentlessly curious, technology enthusiast, who currently lives in South Florida with his family.

Jim McDonough
VP of Global Sales at Intezer

Jim McDonough is the Vice President of Global Sales at Intezer, a leading provider of AI technology for automating security operations. Outside of work, you’re likely to catch him running in a marathon or on a trail outside Boston.


Principal Researcher at The Defenders Initiative