The EDR Honeymoon Period is Over: The Power of Deep Learning to Combat AI Threats – Carl Froggett – RSA24 #3

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Deep Instinct
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Carl Froggett
CIO at Deep Instinct

Carl Froggett is Deep Instinct’s Chief Information Officer (CIO). He has a track record in building teams, system architectures, and large-scale enterprise software implementations, while aligning processes and tools with business requirements. Froggett was formerly Head of Global Infrastructure Defense, CISO Cyber Security Services at Citi. In this role, Froggett delivered integrated risk reduction capabilities and services aligned to the architectural, business, and CISO priorities across Citi’s devices and networks in 100+ countries. Since 1998, he’s held various regional and global roles, covering all aspects of architecture, engineering, global operations, and running critical enterprise cyber services for Citi’s cybersecurity functions.


Principal Researcher at The Defenders Initiative