What You Need to Know and How to Respond to the New Wave of GenAI Identity Attacks – David Mahdi – IDV24 #1

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David Mahdi
CIO at Transmit Security

Former Gartner research VP, identity, and cybersecurity, Mr. Mahdi is an industry recognized leader. David has helped large organizations tackle digital transformation projects that included digital identity, IoT security, and early stage blockchain efforts; guided organizations to build internal cryptography teams, such as the cryptography centre of excellence. Among many contributions, he is the co-founder of the emerging machine identity management market, consulted through IPOs, raising capital, and M&A, that has helped further the identity-security space. A top performing analyst, his depth and breadth of coverage made him one of the most demanded industry analysts for clients around the globe. As a market maker, David was instrumental in creating markets and definitions for areas such as: Decentralized identity, Bring Your own identity (BYOI), passwordless authentication, machine identity management, and privacy enhanced computation. At Transmit Security, David’s multifaceted role spans, security research, collaboration with industry analysts, R&D, as well as hosting CISO advisory sessions around the globe; the role of Chief identity officer keeps David busy!


CEO, Podcast Host at Hacker Valley Media