In the Security News, how Android Q will come with improved privacy protections, hacked tornado sirens taken offline ahead of a major storm, and how Putty released an update that fixed 8 new security flaws!

Paul's Stories

  1. Defining Your Top Security Metrics - Security Boulevard
  2. OSSEC Conference 2019 Wrap-Up | /dev/random
  3. Libssh Releases Update to Patch 9 New Security Vulnerabilities
  4. Google white hat hacker found new bug class in Windows
  5. Korea spycam porn: 1,600 fall victim and four men arrested
  6. WordPress Plugin Removed After Zero Day Discovered
  7. Threat Hunting Tips to Improve Security Operations | SecurityWeek.Com
  8. Change your Facebook password now!
  9. Facebook Mistakenly Stored Millions of Users' Passwords in Plaintext
  10. Hackers Take Down Safari, VMware and Oracle at Pwn2Own

Lee's Stories

  1. DMSniff POS Malware uses DGA to stay active DMSniff malware uses DGA techniques to avoide detection searches direct memory for card numbers and send them to the C2. Includes 11 variants of DGA.
  2. Android Q will come with improved privacy protections The next version of Android will no longer provide contact affinity information, use randomized MAC addresses making location analytics more difficult and only on screen, in focus apps will be able to access clipboard information.
  3. Scammers abusing Kiwis' Generosity Phishing, hacked web sites, and other scams are cropping up in the wake of the Christchurch tragedy, CERT NZ is collecting scam reports, raising awareness and providing real references.
  4. Hacked Tornado Sirens taken offline ahead of major storm 40 Hacked tornado sirens in North Texas taken offline one day prior to expected storms, remniscent of the Dallas hack in 2017. While not connected, the Dallas hack involved radio manipulation, and reminded us to verify communication paths were secure.
  5. Putty releases update that fixes 8 security flaws Fixes buffer overflow, cryptographic number reuse flaws as well as three terminal DOS attacks.
  6. MyPillow and Amerisleep Websites hit with credit card stealing attacks Attackers injected a script into the site and skimmed credit card data to site, which is now offline, there are inconsistent reports about how much data was captured.

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