Article Discussion on Leadership, Communication, and Innovation – Business Security Weekly #73

February 15, 2018
Michael and Paul cover security concerns pushing IT to channel services, hard skills plus social skills, they describe what really drives sales growth, and best practices are dead! Here on Business Security Weekly!

Article Discussion on Leadership, Communication, and Innovation

Special thanks Nigel for sharing his mind map of Never Split the Difference!

Security concerns pushing IT to channel services - research
  • “60 percent of CIOs/CTOs and 49 percent of procurement say security is one of their top three biggest challenges. A third of CIOs/CTOs and a quarter of procurement rank it as number one.”
  • This is driving the push to “the cloud”
  • Also important: supply chain optimization, connected workforces, cloud and data center transformation, and digital innovation
  • How many of those are on your radar?

The golden ticket to higher paying jobs: Hard skills plus social skills
  • Right technical skills + social skills = premium offers
  • Social skills means understanding other people and understanding where you fit in
  • You can always develop your social skills

What Really Drives Sales Growth and Repeat Business?
  • “Content builds relationships, relationships build trust, and trust equals sales.”
  • This applies to our entire industry and community — especially if you are an enterprise team
  • What content are you creating (and is it any good)?
  • How are you building trust?
  • What, then, is the overall experience of working with you?

Is the problem incompetence or lack of training?
  • Every industry, every organization claims a “talent gap” and then pretends it’s true (and unique)
  • I LOVE THIS PASSAGE: “(Let’s put it another way: If your company’s work requires only skills that people should already have, those skills aren’t unique and differentiated, and it’s unlikely your company is, either. If those people have the right skills, they probably have a job already, so why leave that for you?)”
  • What does your training and development program look like? Note: training and development are distinct roles
  • More than the specifics, what about your mindset? I always loved “What if we train them and they leave? With the reply, ‘What if you don’t, and they stay?”
  • More than the technical skills, this is the real challenge of security

Best Practices Are Dead
  • The idea of a ‘best practice’ is to capture an effective approach to enable desired outcomes
  • Despite the claims, we’ve never had ‘best practices’ in Security (I prefer to call them standard practices, if I call them anything at all)
  • Technologies and standards are rapidly changing
  • Is the answer — Imagination + Experience = Innovation?
  • Start by asking more — and better — questions (and learning how to get the right answers)

BONUS - this is horrible advice
  • The opening advice is solid… focusing on problems and solutions
  • Then they move to discredit …. Please don’t do this
  • Differentiate is a misunderstood approach to a proper Value Proposition
  • Instead, focus on a real value proposition - a promise to solve their problem in a way that adds value… in consideration of the impact
  • And skip the games…
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