Article Discussion on Leadership, Communication, and Innovation – Business Security Weekly #79

March 28, 2018
A look at the importance of evidence-driven marketing, making the most of second chances, how to talk to strangers, and the latest in innovation, including the company preparing for an IPO.

Article Discussion on Leadership, Communication, and Innovation

Before You Set New Goals, Think About What You’re Going to Stop Doing
  • Most of us fall into the trap where we start new before completing/removing the old
  • To combat this, take a look at everything (hint: structure helps)
  • Forge a new way to assess future opportunities (hint: structure helps)

Making the Most of Second Chances
  • Build in a margin of safety
  • Identify the unlikely but possible risks
  • Ideally, this governs security — but it also represents opportunity, too

Inverted Pyramid: Writing for Comprehension
  • Ideal for web — and modern approaches to email
  • Put the most essential up top, and make sure you edit ruthlessly
  • Summaries are always helpful

The Clearest Articulation Of A Marketing Roadmap
  • Build a compelling story to move people toward a desired future state
  • Build in the benefit — personal and otherwise — and make it real
  • Identify key personas — the different people involved in the process
  • Map the story to each persona
  • Use multiple channels

Three Ways To Tell A Stranger About Your Strengths And Experience
  • describe a stretch assignment
  • offer a personal story that shares your “why”
  • talk about your process, not your goal
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