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Article Discussion on Leadership, Communication, and Innovation – Business Security Weekly #82

April 25, 2018
In the Article Discussion on Leadership, Communication, and Innovation, Michael and Paul discuss 4 ways to improve your content marketing, to everyone who asks for 'Just A Little' of your time: Here's what it costs to say yes, why your sales team is losing deals, and more on this episode of Business Security Weekly!

4 Ways to Improve Your Content Marketing
  • The promise versus the reality
  • Less than 3 minutes to make an impression; optimal length takes average viewing of 2:27 into consideration
  • Short during the week, longer on the weekend
  • No single path/journey; we’re engaging in parallel streams
  • Mobile is overhyped
  • Stop worrying about what time and day to send
  • Don’t forget the case study (and it’s 83% completion rate)

The Law of Unintended Consequences: Shakespeare, Cobra Breeding, and a Tower in Pisa
  • “Sometimes unintended consequences are catastrophic, sometimes beneficial.”
  • “…unintended consequences can also be the result of people thinking that something is more complex than it actually is…”
  • The cobra effect… and bug bounties?
  • “Most unintended consequences are just unanticipated consequences.”

To Everyone Who Asks For ‘Just A Little’ Of Your Time: Here’s What It Costs To Say Yes
  • What is the cost of a full calendar?
  • Managers versus makers
  • People wanting your time is a compliment; doesn’t mean you need to say yes
  • If you say yes, what have you said no to (even if that’s not what you meant)?
  • 24 hours in each day. Period.

Why Does Your Sales Team Lose Deals?
  • Beyond competition, 48% lacked budget, 38% had no urgency to buy, 13% lacked authority
  • You need to know budget, buyer, urgency (actually, everyone involved should know this)
  • Don’t waste time on prospects unlikely to convert; this works for internal efforts, too

The case for boosting enterprise software startups with services
  • Services are traditionally considered low margin and hard-to-scale
  • Long term - limiting non-recurring revenue from services is good business (think about this from the enterprise side, too)
  • Working to figure it all out with a complex project? Enter services.
  • Several benefits from engaging in this approach (listed in the article)
  • Services are a way for enterprises to de-risk the investment
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