Bluebox-ng, Stock Data Breaches, and CommitStrip- Application Security Weekly #32

Alpine Linux hit with bug that can lead to Poisoned Containers, data breaches affect stock performance in the long run, Bluebox-ng, a Node.js VoIP pentesting framework, and CommitStrip: It's Not an App!


Bugs, Breaches, and More!
1.) Alpine Linux hit with bug that can lead to Poisoned Containers 2.) Safari flaw in iOS Leads to Forced Restart via CSS 3.) Global Warming and Impacts on Cloud Computing
If you Build It, They Will Come
1.) West Virginia to introduce Mobile Phone Voting for Midterm Elections 2.) Data Breaches Affect Stock Performance in the Long Run 3.) Netflix Cloud Security: Detecing Credential Compromise in AWS
Learning & Tools
1.) Hacker Pixel - Open Source Tool to Track Anything 2.) Bluebox-ng, a Node.js VoIP Pentesting Framework 3.) Raccoon - A High Performance Recon & Vulnerability Scanning Tool
Food for Thought
1.) DevOps Demystified: A Primer for Security Practitioners 2.) Silicon Valley's lead over other Tech Hubs is Narrowing 3.) CommitStrip: It's Not an App Full Show Notes Follow us on Twitter:


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