FireEye, WatchGuard, and First Alert – Business Security Weekly #70

January 27, 2018
In the article discussion, three time management tips that actually work, confident speakers tell stories, and how to let go the need to be perfect! In the news, we have updates from FireEye, WatchGuard, First Alert, and more on this episode of Business Security Weekly!

Article Discussion on Leadership, Communication, and Innovation

Starting a Transformation? Don’t Change Everything!
  • Acknowledge (and accept) that change causes people to go a bit slower, at first
  • Pay attention to processes - and where you can influence change
  • Engage in the three types of candid conversations

How absolute zero (-based budgeting) can heat up growth
  • Work past the initial fear
  • Adopt the mindset
  • Collaborate with others

3 Time Management Tips That Actually Work
  • Stay on track (keep your focus)
  • Prioritize and execute
  • Reduce your scope, maintain your schedule

Want To Be A More Confident Speaker? Tell A Story
  • It’s natural to use stories - don’t fear it
  • Focus on the ‘shape’ of the story
  • Relax and go with it

How to Let Go of the Need to Be Perfect
  • Perfectionism creates fear which screws up decision-making
  • Stop searching for your sense of value in others
  • Mindset guides action

Startup & Security News You Need to Know

FireEye acquired X15 for $20M (and picked up $15M in equity)

WatchGuard acquired StrongArm (undisclosed)

First Alert acquired luma


  • Plan was to raise as much as $2.1B
  • Actual launch brought in $1.5B - which some consider a signal of a problem
  • Could be about timing and uncertainty; look to the broader trend
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