Grim, Vim, & Neovim – Paul’s Security Weekly #608

June 17, 2019



In the Security News, the rise of purple teaming, the World's largest beer brewer sets up a Cyber-security team, a mystery signal shutting down key fobs in an Ohio neighborhood, why hackers ignore most security flaws, and warnings of real world-wide worm attacks are the real deal!

Paul's Stories

  1. Black Hat Q&A: Defending Against Cheaper, Accessible 'Deepfake' Tech
  2. The Rise of 'Purple Teaming'
  3. World's Largest Beer Brewer Sets Up Cybersecurity Team
  4. Report: No Eternal Blue Exploit Found in Baltimore City Ransomware Krebs on Security
  5. Hacker Discloses Second Zero-Day to Bypass Patch for Windows EoP Flaw
  6. Critical Flaw Reported in Popular Chrome Extension from Evernote Users
  7. UP Specifications
  8. Some Raspberry Pi compatible computers
  9. Interesting JavaScript Obfuscation Example - SANS Internet Storm Center
  10. UPDATE: Sysdig Falco v0.15.1 - PenTestIT
  11. Advanced Linux backdoor found in the wild escaped AV detection
  12. Remote attack flaw found in IPTV streaming service | ZDNet
  13. Warnings of world-wide worm attacks are the real deal, new exploit shows - Unfortunately, these tasks often take place in mission-critical environments such as hospitals, factories, and industrial settings. While patching is by far the most effective way to prevent exploits, there are a variety of workarounds that can be deployed. Chief among them is enabling Network Level Authentication (NLA) for Remote Desktop Services, although this defense is ineffective in the event that attackers have compromised the NLA credentials. It may also be possible to at least partially defeat NLA defenses using a remote desktop protocol weakness disclosed Tuesday. So, for these mission critical applications in those environments, where they can't go down, can't be rebooted, and they are so important that patching is out of the question, WHY THE HELL DID YOU CHOOSE WINDOWS? Isn't there a better solution? Is this the fault of the provider? This isn't even a security argument, can't we help fix this problem with better design choices?
  14. Microsoft Warns of Email Attacks Executing Code Using an Old Bug
  15. Radiohead sells recordings to public after hacker threatens to leak them
  16. Microsoft Patches Critical Vulnerabilities in NTLM | SecurityWeek.Com
  17. Jumpboxes: How to avoid storing SSH keys
  18. This is grim, Vim and Neovim: Opening this crafty file in your editor may pwn your box. Patch now if not already - With Debian and some other Linux distros, .vimrc ships with modelines already disabled by default, hence those versions are not vulnerable out of the box, though it is still a good idea to update your copy of Vim or Neovim to the latest version.
  19. Google expert disclosed details of an unpatched flaw in SymCrypt library - According to Microsoft, SymCrypt is the primary library for implementing symmetric cryptographic algorithms in Windows 8, it also implements asymmetric cryptographic algorithms starting with Windows 10 version 1703.Ormandy discovered that it is possible to trigger the flaw to cause an infinite loop when making specific cryptographic operations.
  20. Tomorrow's Cybersecurity Analyst Is Not Who You Think
  21. Cognitive Bias Can Hamper Security Decisions

Larry's Stories

  1. HaveIBeenPwned up for sale
  2. NTLM fixes, open up flaws for RCE - here is more and even more….holy crap.
  3. using NTLM MIC bypass against EPA (Enhanced Protection for Authentication) against webapps that use WIA (Windows Integrated Authentication)
  4. RCE in vim - some have said that this is a good argument for using emacs. Those folks should be sacked.

Jeff's Stories

  1. Why Hackers Ignore Most Security Flaws Article about an interesting study
  2. Improving Vulnerability RemediationThrough Better Exploit Prediction The actual study
  3. Hackers Grabbed Security Camera Images Taken At Border Crossing, CBP Says
  4. Congress Gives 'Hack Back' Legislation Another Try Make 'hacking back' legal? What could possibly go wrong
  5. 15 Steps to Keep Foes from Hacking and Hurting Our Water Infrastructure If only water utilities accepted credit cards for payment then they'd be subject to PCI and they'd already be doing all of this
  6. Evite e-invite website admits security breach

Lee's Stories

  1. Firm Tech Data Leaks 264gb of data Security settings are now fixed, another store of unsecured data in the cloud. Studies are emerging showing cloud data leak root causes are customer configuration.
  2. GoldBrute botnet targets RDP GoldBrute Botnet brute-forces exposed RDP services. 1.5M nodes compromised, not necessarily using Bluekeep. This underscores risks of exposed RDP services.
  3. Mystery signal was shutting down keyless fobs in an Ohio Neighborhood Home-brew security device was transmitting on 315Mhz, covered by FCC Part 15 rules, disrupting keyless entry devices.
  4. HSM Vulnerabilities disclosed, allows remote exploit Researchers publish paper on exploiting weakness in unnamed HSM vendor's product to allow remote takeover of HSM. Unnamed vendor has released a patch.
  5. Gaming site Emuparadise breach of 1.1M accounts Emuparadise used to host gaming ROMs for emulators. Suffered breach in April 2018, database of accounts was distributed June 9th.
  6. Rhode Island RFP has a long list of Blockchain uses Rhode Island RFP is looking for multiple Blockchain solutions across multiple state agencies. They are looking to the private sector for help being the first state to implement. Exciting and concerning.
  7. RAMBleed Rowhammer Attack RAMBleed is an updated Rowhammer attack that can not-only alter data but also steal it.
  8. Lake City Fl. Hit by Ransomware City services are offline, water and utility payment systems reverted to paper, infected systems isolated to prevent spread; Public Safety systems were already isolated and encrypted for protection. Ideas to take home?

Full Show Notes

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