Mike Nichols, Keith McCammon, & Shawn Smith – Paul’s Security Weekly #577

September 29, 2018

Mike Nichols is the VP of Product Management at Endgame, and he manages the Endgame endpoint protection platform. Keith McCammon is the Chief Security Officer and Co-Founder of Red Canary, and he runs Red Canary’s Security Operation Center. Shawn Smith is the IT Security Manager at Panhandle Educators Federal Credit Union. They discuss the problems Shawn had that led him to choose Red Canary and Endgame as his solution, skill shortages in vendors, what he did to convince his management to approve of this solution, and what his process for testing the effectiveness of these solutions was. Full Show NotesVisit our website: http://securityweekly.com Follow us on Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/securityweekly


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