Google Project Zero call Windows 10 Edge Defense ACG flawed, Wapiti Web Application vulnerability scanner 3.0.1 packet storm, CIA's "Vault 7" Mega-Leak, and Trump eliminates national cyber-coordinator!

Paul's Stories

  1. Google Project Zero Calls Windows 10 Edge Defense ACG Flawed
  2. 2 million lines of source code left exposed by phone company EE
  3. Nest turns up the temperature on password reusers
  4. The Enterprise of Thing's troubling lack of security
  5. Turkey's Government Tried to Hack Hundreds of Protesters Over Twitter, Researchers Say
  6. US cell carriers are selling access to your real-time phone location data
  7. Attackers Use UPnP to Sidestep DDoS Defenses
  8. Don't Roll the Dice When Prioritizing Vulnerability Fixes
  9. VMware Releases Security Update | US-CERT
  10. 25% of Businesses Targeted with Cryptojacking in the Cloud
  11. Wapiti Web Application Vulnerability Scanner 3.0.1 Packet Storm
  12. Bejtlich Joining Splunk
  13. Google CTF 2018 is here
  14. UPnP joins the 'just turn it off on consumer devices, already' club
  15. RedHat admins, patch now dont let your servers get pwned!
  16. All these vulnerabilities, rarely matter.
  17. Sending Inaudible Commands to Voice Assistants - Schneier on Security

Larry's Stories

  1. PGP, FUD, e-mail
  2. Detecting GPS and apply to augmented reality
  3. Securus, the cell phone company used by law enforcement, hacked
  4. detecting the evil password spray with Active Directory

Jeff's Stories

  1. Here's How eFail Attack Works Against PGP and S/MIME Encrypted Emails
  2. Senate Approves Overturning FCC's Net Neutrality Repeal
  3. Trump eliminates national cyber-coordinator job, gives Bolton keys to the cybers
  4. DHS Releases New Cybersecurity Strategy

Jason's Stories

  1. CIA’s “Vault 7” mega-leak was an inside job, claims FBI
  2. As the Web moves toward HTTPS by default, Chrome will remove “secure” indicator
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