RTF Bugs, Attacking Accountants, & Trollcave – Paul’s Security Weekly #555

In the news, RTF bug finally gets patched, so many ways to bridge an air gap, attacking accountants, spoofing all the ports and Trollcave, and more on this episode of Paul’s Security Weekly!

Paul's Stories

  1. Trollcave: 1.2 ~ VulnHub
  2. Malicious IoT hackers have a new enemy
  3. Warranty void stickers 'not valid' in US
  4. Portspoof - Spoof All Ports Open & Emulate Valid Services
  5. The Truth Hurts - The Hacker Factor Blog
  6. InfoSec Handlers Diary Blog - Threat Hunting & Adversary Emulation: The HELK vs APTSimulator - Part 2
  7. NetSec
  8. When Identity Thieves Hack Your Accountant Krebs on Security
  9. This Radio Hacker Could Hijack Citywide Emergency Sirens to Play Any Sound
  10. One in five serverless apps has a critical security vulnerability
  11. Microsegmentation: Strong Security in Small Packages
  12. Hacker Can Steal Data from Air-Gapped Computers through Power Lines - Well, the same group of researchers has previously demonstrated various out-of-band communication methods to steal data from a compromised air-gapped computer via light, sound, heat, electromagnetic, magnetic and ultrasonic waves.
  13. Protecting Routers and Other Network Equipment - Security Boulevard
  14. Outlook Bug Allowed Hackers to Use .RTF Files To Steal Windows Passwords

Larry's Stories

  1. Hijacking emergency sirens
  2. Hacking 757's
  3. cheaper wifi cactus
  4. Russia has figured out how to jam US drones

Keith's Stories

1.) AWS Firewall Manager: Central Management for Your Web Application Portfolio 2.) Jail for white collar pirates who stole from Oracle 3.) Neo-Nazis Turn to Privacy-Focused Cryptocurrency Monero 4.) Russia moves to block Telegram after encryption key denial

Jason's Stories

1.) Kemi Badenoch MP, self-confessed website hacker Full Show Notes Subscribe to YouTube Channel [audio src="http://traffic.libsyn.com/pauldotcom/RTF_Bugs_Attacking_Accountants__Trollcave_-_Pauls_Security_Weekly_555_converted.mp3" ]
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