DEFCON, Windows 10, & Linux vs Mac – Paul’s Security Weekly #594

February 15, 2019

Why it's way too easy to sell counterfeit goods on amazon, how to defend against the runC container vulnerability, creating a dream team for the new age of cyber security, how you can get a windows 95 emulator for Windows 10, Linux, or MAC, DEF CON goes to Washington, and InfoSec institutes top podcasts that take your computer skills to the next level!

Paul's Stories

  1. How to Defend Against The runC Container Vulnerability - Lots of ways to detect this: identified the modification of both the container’s “/bin/sh” and the host’s “/usr/bin/docker-runc.” We also would have notified customers of the outbound network connection from the host for the reverse shell.
  2. InfoSec Institutes Top Podcasts to Take Your Computer Skills to the Next Level
  3. Ten Quotes to Get Your Boss to Take IT Security Seriously- I like this one: “One of the tests of leadership is the ability to recognize a problem before it becomes an emergency.” – Arnold H. Glasow Author & Businessman
  4. Oh Snapd! Gimme-root-now security bug lets miscreants sock it to your Ubuntu boxes - The vulnerability is found in Snapd, Canonical's open-source toolkit for packaging and running applications via systemd. Exploiting the flaw would allow an attacker to elevate their access from unprivileged process to that of the root user, essentially allowing a complete takeover of the system. Moberly found that, by abusing the way Snapd's API handles HTTP data requests, the tool could be tricked into believing the user has a uid of 0, aka the root user.
  5. IoT providers need to take responsibility for performance
  6. USB Cable with Embedded Wi-Fi Controller - When plugged into a Linux, Mac, or Windows computer, this cable is detected by the operating system as a HID or human interface device. As HID devices are considered input devices by an operating system, they can be used to input commands as if they are being typed on a keyboard. Created by security researcher Mike Grover, who goes by the alias _MG_, the cable includes an integrated WiFi PCB that was created by the researcher. This WiFi chip allows an attacker to connect to the cable remotely to execute command on the computer or manipulate the mouse cursor.
  7. Is Porn Becoming a Monopoly? Member Feature Stories
  8. Security Spills: 9 Problems Causing the Most Stress
  9. How to Create a Dream Team for the New Age of Cybersecurity - Alternatively, CISOs can choose to outsource parts of the security function to expert managed security service providers (MSSPs). No matter how you choose to assemble your team, it is critical that your security team understands your specific business and network context as well as your focus on improving cyber-resilience, and have the needed skills and tools to protect business-critical assets while continuously improving security posture.
  10. Google Paid Out $3.4 Million for Vulnerabilities Reported in 2018
  11. Threatpost Poll: Over Half of Firms Asked Struggle with Mobile Security
  12. Big Themes Set to Emerge at RSA Conference 2019
  13. New Professional Development Institute Aims to Combat Cybersecurity Skills Shortage
  14. Researchers hide malware in Intel SGX enclaves

Jeff's Stories

  1. Valentine's Day PSA: No Sweethearts This Year!
  2. Why It's Way Too Easy to Sell Counterfeit Goods on Amazon Two-year old article but a continuing problem for No Starch Press
  3. RunC Vulnerability Gives Attackers Root Access on Docker, Kubernetes Hosts I'm not gonna say, "I told you so..."
  4. You CAN Get a Windows 95 Emulator for Windows 10, Linux, or MAC now I just have to find all my old 'Return to Zork' CD's
  5. DEF CON Goes to Washington
  6. Former US Counterintelligence Agent Charged with Espionage on Behalf of Iran

Larry's Stories

  1. Hacking cranes with RF
  2. Inside Ubiquiti discovery service, and finding bugs
  3. Company sues employee for falling for a phishing attempt
  4. Reverse RDP attack, running code on the clients
  5. Hacking android with just a PNG

Joff's Stories

  1. Guess what, I got nothing because Paul and Jeff took all the good ones.
  2. Happy Valentines day people. Hope you managed to avoid the romantic landmines that abound. Oh yeah, "Oh SNAP"... D! That made your day, and you know it.

Patrick's Story

  1. Teen won't tell Apple how he hacked MacOS

Full Show Notes

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