Security Weekly – Security Weekly – Episode 226 part 1 – Jaunuary 13th 2011

January 19, 2011
Scott Ullrich & Warren Baker lovers of freedom free software OpenBSD and they know a thing or two about pfSense open source firewall. These two join us to discuss their work on the pfSense project how it came to be and why. Also what the future holds for this great product.
DISCLAMER: This is not a duplicate just for some reason for two weeks now John Strand is what has chosen as the frame to represent the entire video. This only means I need to do a better job of finding pictures of John to use during the recordings. At least he is hot... really hot.. I want to touch him, but interns are not allowed with in 15 feet of him. Episode 226 Show Notes Episode 226 part 1 Direct Audio Download All the Security Weekly Security Weekly episodes on our Bliptv archives. Hosts: Paul Asadoorian,John Strand,Larry Pesce Audio Feeds:
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