Security Weekly – Episode 176 Video

November 23, 2009
In case you missed it, we are recording the live video from the shows and re-releasing them. This is still in the experimental phases, but I hope everyone enjoys! If the feedback is positive we will do this for each episode and incorporate more video-friendly elements. Full Show Notes Hosts: Larry "HaxorTheMatrix" Pesce, Paul Asadoorian, John Strand, Mick Douglas, Carlos "Dark0perator" Perez Part 1: "In Part one of the episode we interview the CTO of Cenzic, Lars Ewe. Paul butchers the pronunciation of his last name, but Lars sticks around to talk shop, discuss web application vulnerabilities, same origin polices, and the recent controversy over the latest trends report." Part 2: "Paul talks about building a security lab on the cheap, and a SPECIAL GUEST APPEARANCE!!!"
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