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Security Weekly – Episode 16 – Feb 24, 2006

February 26, 2006
Live from Paul's Dojo....
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  • Last weeks winner was Steve Murawski, who is now a proud 0wner of "Penetration Testing Open Source Toolkit"
  • Please go update our frapper map!
  • Paul talks about 2 Security incidents, Dos from Japan, Smurfs
  • Larry did no work this week
  • Nick has interns
  • Listener Feedback, John Sawyer states that the Nmap option "-sV" is new since 3.4 only addition quality
  • Fred mentions the Washington Post article, "Invasion of the Computer Snatchers"
  • Almost Bricked a WRT54g, go HERE for all the processor types and flash matrix
  • Mason has is boss ping China
  • Paul plugs his company, Defensive Intuition, mentions that he can write policy, vulnerability assessments, penetration testing...
  • OS X Users should check out ClamxAV
  • Full Show Notes
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