Security Weekly – Episode 3 – Nov 18 2005

November 21, 2005

Episode 3 is now available! Video should be coming early this week, so check back. Show notes:
- Paul realized creative control and started M$ IE bashing (IE sucks!)
- PC World 100 best product 2005 ! Firefox #1 Go install Firefox Now!
- Sony rootkit (DRM) madness, Amazon recalls CDs, Uninstaller ActiveX has flaws, Bleeding Snort sigs for Sony DRM
- Docs Para, Don Cominsky reverse query Sony DRM Infection Map
- Multi-vendor IPSec vulnerabilities, Cisco advisory, Security Weekly Blog posting, Full Listing of vulnerable products from Security.nnov
- Vulnerabilities in Wifi phones, Cisco IP 7290, Security Weekly Blog Posting, Others
- Google Bids To Give Mountain View Wi-Fi
- Everyone should register for my SANS course
- Blackhat 4 sale
- Windows RPC DoS, Originally thought you needed good credentials, apparently you may not
- From PacSec05 - "Using Neural Networks for remote OS Identification"
- MSNBC only run trusted code, CIA/KGB rant, Larry has gas
- Plain text passwords database from SCinet
- Got a Kidney to sell? Latest spam "Sell your organs online"
- WPA-PSK pass-phrase generator from Steve Gibson
- Go listen to Friends In Tech, and In The Trenches
Hosts: Larry Pesce, Paul Asadoorian
Sound/Video: Andrew Veitch, Nick DePetrillo
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