Security Weekly Episode 273

January 18, 2012

Framing in Social Engineering - Chris Hadnagy:

Use Framing to be more successful in Social Engineering

Building Your Own pfSense Wireless Access Point:

Use off-the-shelf parts and open source software to build your very own robust access point!

Drunken Security News Weekly - #273:

The latest in the security world, from the drunken people you trust!

Episode 273 Show Notes

Episode 273 - Part 1 - Direct Audio Download

Episode 273 - Part 2 - Direct Audio Download

Episode Hosts:
  • Paul Asadoorian, Host of Security Weekly and Stogie Geeks
  • Larry Pesce, Host of Hack Naked At Nite
  • John Strand, Host of Hack Naked TV
  • Jack Daniel, Security B-Sides
  • Carlos Perez, Security Weekly Espanol
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