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Security Weekly – Episode 6 – Dec 9, 2005

December 12, 2005

This was our first podcast to use Skype. We like it. Also, the audio quality should be much better, we read the manuals to all our equipment, and watched a fantastic video on Skype podcasting from the guys at Friends In Tech, you can download it here.
- Firefox DoS Vulnerability
- Cisco IOS under attack, again
- More on podjacking, how to deal with it
- Black Tuesday is coming, previews here
- Podcasting added to Oxford dictionary
- Sober analysis from Lurhq
- Social Engineering Aim Worm
- Sharing stories about people still running windows 95/98
- Stopping filesharing in hotel networks with social engineering
- Check out Security Now!
- Sophos Threat Report was released this week
- Paul found an evil OS X site
- Paul went on a Mac rant
- Gifts for the security professional
- Syngress publishes the "How to steal an identity" book
Hosts: Paul Asadoorian, Larry Pesce, "The Mason"
Email the entire Security Weekly Crew at [email protected]
- Tools Of The Month - New Nmap release, New MwCollect released, Rootkit revealer has been updated, and iwar war-dialer. Remote Rogue Network Detection
- Wireless Word Of The Week - Wireless Vulnerabilities and Exposures
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