This week, Dr. Doug talks Cisco patching Jabber Flaw, Insider Threats are huge, BLURrtooth, Apple COVID-19 opt ins, and pretty much everyone is trying to interfere with the election! Visit for all the latest episodes! Visit for all the latest episodes!

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BLURtooth Flaw, Insider Threats, & More 0-Days - Wrap Up

#[ Are your old accounts haunting you?] #[ Cyber Risk Alliance Acquires Security Weekly.] #[ Bitglass reports that 61% of those surveyed had insider attacks last year.] #[ Are Microsoft august and 2004 patches ready yet?] #[ FireEye found more zero day attacks than in previous years.] #[ Cisco patches Jabber Flaw] #[ Microsoft issues warnings about election interference attempts.] #[ Blurtooth attack allows bypassing of Bluetooth keys.] #[ Apple and Android COVID tools gets response from EFF.] #[ Spaceforce gets a Cyber Directive.]


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