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NexDefense, 42Crunch, & ExtraHop – Enterprise Security Weekly #130

March 20, 2019



Stackpath released new edge computing VMs, ExtraHop hires former Tenable and HPE leaders to support growth in cyber, Security professionals want to return fire to Venafi, Dragos acquires NexDefense, and 42Crunch unveils a new platform to discover API vulnerabilities and protect them from attacks!

Enterprise News

  1. StackPath Releases New Edge Computing VMs - Today’s release introduces seven VM sizes spanning a range of CPU and RAM combinations, each with 25GB of SSD-based persistent storage. Like StackPath Edge Computing Containers, StackPath Edge Computing VMs feature: Streamlined setup Customers simply select the type, size, number, and location of instances, via CLI or the StackPath customer Global deployment Instances are instantly deployed in all selected locations. Anycast IP space Customers can also choose to allocate an Anycast IP address to the instances to load balance and route traffic down the shortest path to end users.
  2. ExtraHop Hires Former Tenable and HPE Leaders to Support Growth in Cybersecurity and Bolster Customer Success
  3. Security professionals want to return fire Venafi - 72% believe nation-states should have the right to “hack back” by targeting cybercriminals who level attacks on their infrastructure. 58% believe private organisations have the right to “hack back.”
  4. BitSight Unveils Faster, More Efficient Way for Insurers to Evaluate Cyber Risk - BitSight announced the availability of a new capability for insurers that delivers accurate, trusted security performance information on millions of small- and medium-sized insurance applicants in just seconds, enabling underwriters to rapidly evaluate and price cyber risk for the growing SMB market. This new rapid underwriting assessment leverages BitSight’s market-leading security ratings platform and provides the most comprehensive, trustworthy security performance information available in the marketplace today.
  5. Dragos acquires NexDefense, provides free asset identification tools - Help Net Security - As part of this announcement, the company also introduced today Dragos Community Tools, a set of free assessment tools to help organizations of all sizes around the globe forge the path forward towards comprehensive ICS security. NexDefense further developed and sold Integrity, a tool originally funded by the United States Department of Energy and developed as “Sophia” at Idaho National Laboratory (INL). NexDefense was one of the earliest and most well-known ICS security companies in the space.
  6. 42Crunch unveils new platform to discover API vulnerabilities and protect them from attacks - Help Net Security - 42Crunch, the leading API security company, officially announced the release of the 42Crunch API Platform, the world’s first API security cloud platform to discover vulnerabilities in APIs and protect them from attack. The 42Crunch Platform can protect SaaS, Web, or IoT APIs, as well as microservices. This follows the launch of the free API Contract Security Audit tool at earlier this month. The tool helps API developers improve their API definitions that follow the OpenAPI Specification into proper API contracts. Now, with this latest release, customers have access to the full 42Crunch Platform.

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