We threat model every day without realizing it. And, of course, we often threat model with systems and products within our organizations. So how formal does our approach need to be? How do we best guide the “what could go wrong” discussion with DevOps teams? And what’s a sign that we’re generating useful threat models? Visit https://www.securityweekly.com/asw for all the latest episodes!

Full Episode Show Notes

Threat Modeling Deep Dive

- https://www.threatmodelingmanifesto.org
- https://securityboulevard.com/2020/05/data-security-and-threat-models/
- https://speakerdeck.com/abhaybhargav/agile-threat-modeling-as-code


[caption id="attachment_210" align="alignleft" width="120"]Adrian Sanabria Adrian Sanabria - Senior Research Engineer[/caption] [caption id="attachment_210" align="alignleft" width="120"]John Kinsella John Kinsella - Chief Architect[/caption] [caption id="attachment_210" align="alignleft" width="120"]Mike Shema Mike Shema - Product Security Lead[/caption]


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