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Coronavirus, Ragnarok Ransomware, Ned In The Basement, Cisco – SWN #8

January 31, 2020



DEFCON is cancelled!, Coronavirus , Ragnarok Ransomware Runs Ragged Rapidly, and 20 Board Members realize that Cybersecurity is more than just some guy named Ned in the Basement. All the show summaries and more.

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Coronavirus, Ragnarok Ransomware, Ned In The Basement, Cisco

Security Weekly News -- Week of 31 -- January -- 2020

  1. Coronavirus cancels DEFCON!
  2. State Department China Advisory
  3. Cruise ship passengers quarantined in Italy
  4. Avast suddenly stops selling your data to third parties and shutters Jumpshot
  5. How to shut off Avast data collection
  6. Cyberinsurance rates rise due to increased ransoms being paid in Q4 2019
  7. Technical Report of Bezo's phone hack was acquired and released
  8. Apple's state of the art security actually enabled the Bezo's phone hack?
  9. Charges against Coalfire Red Team dropped in Dallas County Courthouse case.
  10. A critical patch for opensmtpd is released to stop a Morris like worm.
  11. Cisco launches an IoT and operational technology architecture
  12. The UK proposes stricter controls on the IoT you are buying.
  13. GE Healthcare devices have security flaws that allow Remote access, et. al.
  14. Board members of 20 major organizations, in a study, realized that cybersecurity risk was an existential threat.
  15. Chipotle and Target CISOs talk about repurposing employees into Cybersecurity roles.
  16. Tecmo Bowl, an ancient video game is reborn as an 8$ kitsch just prior to the Super Bowl.


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