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Security Weekly News Wrap Up – SWN #16

March 9, 2020



Hacker Movies, misinformation, and 70% of government employees felt they hadn't had adequate training in security.

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Security Weekly News Wrap Up

Security Weekly News Wrapup

  1. 42 Percent of IT and Security Managers say then have been breached from password compromise.
  2. 92% of UKK healthcare orgs indicated that unauthorized data access and data leakage led to incidents.
  3. A harris poll showed that 780% of govt. employees didn't feel that they had had adequate training.
  4. Shark Tank star almost loses 400k in social engineering scam.
  5. WPA2 attack by Kr00k can grab wifi signals and decrypt them.
  6. Ultrasound waves vibrating tables can access your personal assistant and carry on a conversation.
  7. US Government warns that foreign actors are continuing to interfere with the election process.
  8. California voters had a tough time actually voting on Tuesday.
  9. Maryland Court rules that assets damaged during ransomware attack are covered by insurance.
  10. National Ink and Stitch, LLC. v. State Auto Insurance Companies.
  11. AWS Servers Hacked: Rootkit in the Cloud...
  12. Hackers IMDB. 1985
  13. 1983
  14. The Matrix. 1999
  15. Brazil. 1985
  16. eXistenZ. 1999
  17. The Italian Job. 2003 (but the old one is better)
  18. The Italian Job. 1969 (the old one with no hacking)


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