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Everyone missed SUNBURST… or did they? – Matt Cauthorn – BSW #203

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When the SolarWinds Orion SUNBURST attack hit the national newscycle, businesses far-and-wide scrambled to determine whether or not they were affected–unfortunately, many found they couldn’t say either way with confidence. And then came the question, “why didn’t anyone catch this?” ExtraHop’s Matt Cauthorn joins BSW to discuss the SUNBURST attack, why it was so challenging to detect, and share some behavioral analysis insights to shed light on what the attackers were doing post-compromise.

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Everyone missed SUNBURST... or did they?


Matt Cauthorn

Matt Cauthorn -

VP Sales Engineering at ExtraHop


Jason Albuquerque

Jason Albuquerque -

CIO & CSO at Carousel Industries

Matt Alderman

Matt Alderman -

Executive Director at CyberRisk Alliance

Paul Asadoorian

Paul Asadoorian -

Founder/CIO at Security Weekly/CyberRisk Alliance


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